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The Privacy Policy of our site is short and simple. Therefore, please make sure you read it through and accept the details before you make use of the site. We take privacy seriously, also we want to inform users that they think before taking action on this site, cause they are held responsible for the outcomes.

Data of Our Readers stores IP addresses of readers that end up on this site. The web visiting stats are being saved to a server where the team can look up and analyze the stats. This is only for informational reasons for our web team and will never be shared with any third party or other.

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While you visit our site you may see targeted ads since the site makes use of cookies. Web cookies are stored in your browser where they show relevant ads whereever you navigate to. If by any means you do not want to see relevant ads or make use of the browser cookies, then you need to disable cookies in your web browser or not visit such websites as

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From time to time you might see web links included in our content. These links often lead you to another website that is not affiliated with our page. Therefore you might want to know that our team is not responsible for the external content you find through the links. Be sure to know what you are doing on the pages that we link to. They usually have their own terms and conditions.

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The Privacy Policy above has been last adjusted on January 5, 2017