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Our team tries to provide you information based on our own experience. We are loyal fans of Boom Beach game and have created this simple website to help you gain in the game. The methods to level up in this game have been written by the author here and can hopefully give readers the benefits they need. It’s a large game but not necessarily difficult if you know what to do. Boom beach game hacks offer you unlimited enjoy of this freemium.

Boom Beach is a game from Supercell. It is being distributed in App Store and Google Play, which means it can be played on iOS and Android devices. Released in 2013 and worldwide in 2014, this strategy game can be played in multiplayer mode, too.

Currency is something that everyone is trying to get in order to upgrade buildings and troops. Resources that are important include gold, stone, wood and iron. Diamonds can only be bought and are therefore premium resources. However, with special game hacks you can get diamonds pretty easily.